Monday, May 31, 2021

 711 Prophecy Confirmation of the 
California Yom Kippur Dream

By Bill Weather - 17 Confirmations

I knew for a while I had special signs given in this experience below, but for the longest time, I forgot where I put the record of it. I recently found it "by accident" in an old saved email. Here is the report from that old email record from 2017.

From July 20, 2017
As a further sign to the October 5
th 2022 date, fresh off the Yom Kippur dream from July 14th,  I was praying to be shown a confirmation of it to be answered on July 20th 2017, which is 77 days to October 5th and boy did I ever get that answered prayer confirmation!

signs of 7s underlined 
#7, the number of severing, a cutting off, a fullness

On July 20th, I woke up to check my earthquake alert app. I see a Japan 5.8 quake at 7:11 CST time, 21 miles deep. I take mental note of those numbers. Right after this, I went to a job. It’s address was 711 Cheairs Circle, Columbia, TN (CST) I’m supposed to meet the customer there at 7 am, but he’s running late. So I prayed to watch and see if he shows up at 7:11 am at the 711 address as a confirmation of the October 5th date with 77 days till then. I watch my cell phone clock like a hawk. I then see him coming over the hill at 7:10. He passes the drive a bit to back in the drive way. Right then, my clock turns 7:11 am. Boom!

Later that day I go to sleep. I wake up out of that sleep feeling a bit warm to find, for some strange reason, my air conditioner is stuck on 77 degrees. I'm fiddling with the buttons for like 5 minutes, trying to figure out why my air conditioner is acting weird. Why it's stuck of 77 degrees. It's never been stuck ever before like that.

That's 5 signs of the 7s contained in this confirming answered prayer of the California Yom Kippur dream I asked for and it happened on the date I asked for it, from a prayer I prayed a few days previously. WOW! Talk about getting an answer and on the day I prayed for it to happen. That's 77 days to Oct 5th to open this prayer confirmation. Then the air conditioner getting stuck on 77 degrees to close it, with 3,  #711 signs sandwiched in between.

With this incredible confirming experience answered prayer to the California Yom Kippur dream, this is the 9th sign confirming the 2022 Shemitah, and the tsunami and California mega quake will be it's fulfillment.